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July 19, 2004



Somehow I thought Optimus Prime would figure in...


Criminey. I didn't know about Buscemi. I really like(d) him too.

"fair" taxation? I thought is was just taxation. Oh, AND vote themselves raises as frequently and for as many dollars as they can get away with. And not have to participate in SS.


I probably should've disclaimed that I didn't research the polictics of Buscemi OR Pushmepullyou, but either way, he's just a natcheral to play the saddened senior senator from SoDak, and though Pushmepullyou is/are collectively far more sensible than the actual Kerreddy ticket, it is again a natcheral fit.


I was just forced to see I, Robot by my employer. They rented the theater for a department meeting and then made us stay and watch the movie. Glad I didn't have to spend any of my own money on that crap.

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