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September 21, 2004



Hmmm, no fairies in this fairy tail?


Well, it's a fanciful tale, so I suppose there could be some Fancies flitting about, but they'd just distract from the core message.


What, no Joe Lockheart? No, Terry McAwful? We all know that this tale should take place at the Houston Cattle Auction/Kerry Headquarters and should end with the evile blogger winning. I'm feeling a little gyped, like I've been used. One might even say I feel like a patsy.


Geez, what is it with you people not understanding what goes on in a FANCIFUL tale? This is what Liberals are telling their librettas and librettos at bedtime (while they stand, fully clothed, near the opened door) so they can have happy dreams - not that there's anything wrong with angstfull, guilt-ridden dreams.

sarah W.

If we use the logic of holding Dan Rather accountable for a professional mistake of not extensively fact-checking his source by asking him to resign, then we must be consistent and hold the same professional accountability to our president. Since Bush did not thoroughly fact-check:
the evidence for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq;
or the way to end a war with a country with deep-seeded distrust of US foreign policy;
or the international resentment that was bound to ensue from a unilateral, offensive war in an oil-rich country;
or the way to pay for the war while providing the rich with record tax cuts, which has resulted in a national debt in the trillions;
or the fact-checking necessary to justify killing thousands of U.S. troops, US allies and Iraqi and Afghani people
- it therefore seems like we must put equal effort into demanding a resignation from the president and his administration for their professional failings.
Also, I think this ‘spontaneous’ movement that is so concerned with Rather's unverified source needs to seriously consider the source of their own movement as well as the source of this ‘leak.’ I think the strong motive and political gain achieved by the Bush administration and allies – makes them a strong candidate for potentially having fabricated the documents. Think about it…


Crapalama! She's stumbled into the Perimeter of Wisdom! Call Karl Rove!


Rather made no mistake, he was a part of conspiracy to alter an election. If a real attorney General like Janet Reno were in charge she would jail Rather and let Bush go for lack of "Credible Evidence." Why is the rathergait being investigated by insiders with a dog in the hunt. Is it because Texas would be a two loss team were not for a referee in the Kansas game? Is is because all BCS elements have a dogs in the huntnot for number one and two, but for money and elitism?

Did you hear the news, your tax dollars for the left PBS are going to be less painful to pay now that their head anchor of left spin: Bill Moyers is resigning because he feels unfulfilled after the last failed attempt to alter an election. His last contribution in Journalism was Joseph Campbell's ideas. Flash the election was lost not due to the right wing, but due to good ole American freedom of speech and how it almost only worked one way. Freedom of speech only if it is left. Where's the Berkely diversity of party ideas? Name one republican professor at Berkely? You guys are hopless socialists with a quasi football team, maybe a top ten team

Athiest Republican.


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