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Friday, January 16, 2004



Until you get to do all those things, chill with the DSW a bit in Walt Disney World. Go to Epcot and ride Mission Space. It'll help prepare you for the real thing. You experience blast-off, weightlessness, etc... it is the wildest thing.


#1 - "The Martian Chromicles" was the first thing I thought of when the little rover landed.

#2 - Civilians who have a strong and immediate desire to be in space do not have such good luck. First there was Christa McAuliff, then John Denver - and you know what happened to them. Then one of those washed-up boy band people - I think he was from 'N Sync - wanted to go and you know how he ended up: still a washed-up boy band person. Be careful that doesn't happpen to you.

#3 - I need to tak to you about that Erma Bombeck thing. There is bad blood between us and we have been feuding for years, even though she never knew it and now she's dead. But I'm still holding a grudge about it all.


Suzette, I fixed the descriptional attribute on your link. I trust you will find it acceptable.

My DSW thinks I'm at my best when I'm all washed up.


Yes, the description is an improvement even though I don't understand it. Is it one of those zen exercises like "it's dark because there is no light because it's dark because there is no light because ..."? Quite intriguing.


Well, *YOU* brought up the fabulist label, so I played off of it. You blog a lot (more'n me anyway), so 'prodigious' is accurate enough. "Join her retinue" simply advocates going to your site.

Geez. Ain't no pleasin' some folks - must be a yankee thing. ;-)


Well, when you put it that way ...


Hey Grrl,
Is Mission Space scary? Me and the tribe are headed to WDW in October. I need to know if I'll be going into space alone or with Mrs. C.


It's a "room ride" where you sit maybe 10 across in a dozen "pews." I wouldn't rate it Scarius Maximus like Tower of Terror, but it does jostle a body around a bit to complete its illusions.
The weightlessness is similar to certain elevator tricks or taking a RR crossing hump a few mph faster than the sign recommends. Add in the video bits and it's fairly convincing.


Whew! So it doesn't drop you from 13 stories or anything? That's a relief.


It isn't a room ride at all. What you are describing, schmed, sounds like Star Tours.

Mission space is more like an enclosed gravitron. You get into little pods (4 people per pod). The premise of the ride is that you are training for a mission. If spinning makes you sick, don't do it. Also, if you are claustrophic, don't do it as you are in a very tightly enclosed space. You have a monitor about a foot away from your face which plays video and you also have buttons to push at certain times during the "training". The ride starts with "blast-off". The pods spin (JUST like a big gravitron) and the increase in accelerations gives the sensation of g-forces you would feel during a real take off. Once you break out of the earth's atmosphere, the ride continues to spin, but the acceleration stops - this is what gives you the feeling that you are floating. It is way cool. The pods also shake side to side and back and forth - similar to Star Tours and Body Wars, but it is the blast-off and floating in space that is most convincing and makes this ride a MUST DO. My best guy friend from High School works for NASA doing programming for flight simulations and he said that the Disney ride uses similar methods (although VERY simplified) to what they use for training.

I LOVED it - I didn't think it was "scary", but if you are AT ALL freaked out by tight spaces, I wouldn't ride it. I do get motion sick with some rides - I can't ride Body Wars at all, but I was able to make it through Mission Space fine. Just make SURE to keep your head back against the seat and don't look sideways - otherwise you will REALLY feel the spinning. They have barf bags on the ride... I think that is a first for Disney.



I wish this thing had an "edit" function.


You're right - I was thinking of Star Tours. Did that one just open within the last year?

Dude - you're gonna LOVE the GM ride and the Rock'n'Rollercoaster - ZOOOOOOOMIES!


Mission Space did JUST open up - it is in EPCOT. I think it opened in late November/early December. For the opening, they had some retired astronauts ride it and they said it was closest thing they felt to blast off since their actual trip into space!!!

Test Track and Rock N Rollercoaster are so much fun! I really love the way that disney encorporates the queue area with the ride. RNR is my favorite ride - although I am a bit biased - I rollercoaster nut!!! They are building a new rollercoaster in Animal Kingdom called Exploration Everest (I think it is scheduled to open in 2005). From what I hear, it will be their biggest rollercoaster to date!


I don't do spinny rides but Mrs. C will be happy that it isn't Tower of Terror-esque.

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