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Monday, April 26, 2004



Ahh yes, a nasty case of GBS (Guilty Blogger Syndrome).

Don't sweat it. Post when you can and don't feel obligated to explain yourself when you don't. The internet and all of your readers will still be here when you get back. One the most widely read bloggers out there, Bill Whittle, only posts maybe once a month, sometimes less than that, and he hasn't lost any readers over it.

Infrequent blog posting is best solved by syndication (ie. that little XML link at the bottom of your sidebar). Those of us using aggregators can see a list of our favorite blogs and which ones have been updated, all on a single page, rather than having to visit each page to check for new stuff. It's mucho groovy. I recommend it.


That sounds wonderful, but the other side of that is, in my mind, and you'll excuse me, but I'm also concerned that I don't have time to peruse the bloggage to which I've grown accustomed and I believe this to be true, that it is only fair to reciprocate, if common sense prevails, by perusing the blogs of those who visit on a regular basis and I mean that sincerely.


I find that those occasional periods of Don't Have Time For Anything generally pass off sooner than one thinks.

And there's no reciporipical obligation to visit everybody else's blog. Write when you want, read when you want. Don't worry what anyone else thinks- because nobody else is thinking about your blogging habits anyway. Just have fun with it.

Sides that, if you punt now, you'll piss off your loyal minions. Nothing worse than a bunch of pissed off minions, I always say.


Oh, so you're the guy in charge of salt. In that case, I'd like to register a complaint:

What's going on with the fine grind? It's no good. It used to be that you could shake out a nice pile of fairly chunky salt crystals that actually tasted like salt. Now one is hard pressed to find something bigger than dust particleds. The finer grind results in more outer cyrstal surface, thus more anti-caking ingredient. And it's the anti-caking ingredient that stops you from enjoying the saltiness, so you shake on more salt, but it's no use. Salt is not as salty as it used to be. Can you do something about that, please?


I'll second that request. Lately when I go to the breakfast buffet at the local Holiday Inn, I've got to use about half a shaker of salt to get my grits tasting right. This is unacceptable. How much are they paying you anyway, Mr. Salt Man? Hmm???


HELLO! Restaurant salt is the cheap-o stuff we dredge out of the bins after the pretty grains have been separated, packaged and sold to foreign embassies, Hollywood personalities and Martha Stewart. We get a big kickback from the chemical companies that supply the anti-caking agent which explains the dilution factor. A lot of restaurants still have those yellow grains of rice in the shakers because nobody told the busboys to take them out. Most of them are petrified (the rice grains, only some busboys are petrified).

Commodity grits and eggs require extra salt no matter what because those buffet chefs won't put ANY in when they cook it up. It's an institutional thing resulting from our arch-enemas in the Hypertension Lobby. Count your blessings that the Anti-Cholesterol zealots haven't allied with the Islamic Hypersensitivity League to ban the pig fat essential to imparting flavor to breakfast buphays.


Just as I suspected - elitism has tainted even this. I only hope Martha gets a good dose of finely ground NaCl while she is imprisioned so she can see how the rest of us have to suffer. I predict her first new product after her release will be Big Salt at Big K(mart). There'll be dancing in the streets when that happens, men.


You know, in addition to Big Tobacco and Big Oil, Bush and Cheney are also in cahoots with Big Salt to give them tax breaks and such so they can kill all the poor people with high sodium foods and leave all their stuff to The Rich.


Well, you could have posted something new for my return.

Although all this catching up with all I've missed - it's really helped, time-wise, that you've only got one post to read. Fanks!

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