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Sunday, July 11, 2004



You could just put it in the attic with the old Betamax you were going to get fixed one day. You know, it's next to the Commodore 64, behind the 8-Track.


BTW - my BFI guys have been showing up late in the evening also. And the guy in the rusty brown van doesn't come to my neck of the woods anymore... must be better junk in your hood.


I keep the βetamax-replica in a closet out of the extreme heat. Didn't have a Commodore 64, but Guido still whips up on the original Mario Brothers and this Techmo NFL game that has Thurman Thomas at RB for the Bills.

And not that I'm frugal in the extreme or anything, but this 7 year-old kerosene-powered PC I'm typing all this on is still on Win95 for pete's sake. That stuff was 'spensive!


Windows 95?!!! That's no way to live! At least get yourself an eMachine. Think of the schmedlets.


No, don't upgrade - at least until next year and then you can tell everyone how you're running a 10 year old OS.


I put an egg in the microwave back in high school, just to see if it would really splode. It did. Nuking some silverware also produced interesting results.

Ya know what's cool about some of the newer microwaves? Can put metal stuff in em' and it won't summon any demons or anything. I can't wait for the day I can throw the trusty black iron skillet in the mickey to heat up some homestyle chow.


In my old neighborhood, you could put something on the curb and it would be gone within five hours. Just too many people shopping for "dumpster treasures". Now that we live in haughty-taughtyville, stuff will sit out there all week until the city comes. People out here in the suburbs just have too much shame.

That being said, I can't believe you're not going to wrap a Spaghetti-Os can in tin foil and turn the dial to fission soup.

But, keep the bulb. By all means, keep the damn bulb. ;)


For a really good time, put a can of spray paint in there, and run an extension chord out to your neighbor's front yard, crank it up, and run.
Assuming, of course, your neighbors don't like you.


Or perhaps your neighbors DO like you, and you'd like them to stop right away.


5 hours - our neighborhood (which is quickly being taken over by illegals) - 1-2 hours more like. Sheesh.

Schmed - $500 was lots of dough, but look how long it lasted. I believe we're on 'wave #3 in almost 14 years.

It's bullocks that it's cheaper to replace than fix nowadays.

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