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Tuesday, August 24, 2004



I love new socks. New socks are the wonderfullest. I feel your elation at the acquisition of new socks. But you do know that they cease to be new socks when they're washed the first time. Then they're just socks.


True enough, but by having the disposable sock phase, don't you just know how the overall new-sock experience is totally heightened? giddy...must sit...




You're just THROWING AWAY all those old socks? You're not DONATING them to the po? You cruel, heartless bastidge! You see? That's the problem- there are TWO AMERICAS, and you live in the one where people can buy new socks.


Think of the possible tax break. schmed is obviously no Bill Clinton! Bill clinton donated his used tighty whities to the poor. He understood that their was an America where people could buy new undies and an America where people go commando.


dave, I have but one word to submit in defense of depriving the depriviledged of the use of my worn out hosiery: Brohmadrosis.


My wife laughs at the 15 year old Army wool socks I still wear every week.


So do we.


Do you mean to imply that your old socks are still matched? That they survived in pairs? That they both reached the limit of their useability at the same time? No singletons? I cannot imagine.


Ah, the sweet joy of sox.


Imagine this, O Stylish Traveler...

Do you mean to imply that your old socks are still matched?

Yes, but I stack the deck because I only have black, khaki and white.

That they survived in pairs?

Only by statistical chance. Gold Toe aren't any more monohositarian than the green stripe kind.

That they both reached the limit of their useability at the same time?

For the most part, yes. As they progress along the Wearrantare Curve, they reach a point where the more worn out among them don't get appreciably worse while the others catch up (or down) with 'em.

No singletons?

Rarely, and not in this batch. Occasionally Ajhat'ator, the ever-unpredictable Laundry Deity, will quietly select a sacrifice but does not appear to deem my hosiery worthy.


You are one shrewd cheap bastid, schmed.

I have given up purchasing new underthings for Hubster. I used to just toss the old and holy, now I just snicker as his knickers get holes and he prances, well not so much, walks around in them.


I find that the Green Stripe socks from Sam's hold up better than the discount Gold Toe socks from T.J. Maxx.


I'm not a fan of gold or grey toed socks. I likes mines like I likes my wimmins, plain ol' white.


Mount Laundry. Man, thanks, you've made my day (and I came to your site looking for Citiwank =)


And didst thou not find Citiwank?
It's in here, trust me.

No charge for making days, but that gives me a hayl of an idea. What y'all think the going market rate is for days?


Alex- is some of your site in English and some in another language, or is there something wrong with my browser?


The text is Cyrillic - note the ".ru" domingue. I tried Gooble's lankwage transmogrifier, but they only have those western you're a' peein' lankwages. At least one post was in English.

And he "got it", so I'd bet he's either a US transplant or ex-K&B.

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