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Sunday, December 05, 2004



T-Murph will lose his mind if any two of the items on his plate come into contact. The entire plate of food is immediately deemed "unfit for human consumption", so he ends up warming spaghettios as an emergency backup. I delight in comingling my rice, gravy, field peas and roast beef on Sunday afternoons and watching the contortions on poor T-Murph's face as I consume every molecule of the fat-laden glop.


I'm also a big fan of the roast,rice, gravy & peas mixture, but I prefer the little green peas that come in the silver can (LaSewer or something like that). I also like corn and mashed potatos. And don't even get me started on grits n' eggs & sausage.

Crap. Now I'm hungry.


Crap, hunger, eat, nap, crap...

It's a viscous circle!


Or even vicious.


No, viscous is the right word - because there's no implied violins in it, and the flow rate varies, tho not necessarily with the temperature.


It's not viscous if you're eating anything with heavy-duty bran in it. Now Steen's Syrup, that sounds down right viscid.


I sho do be lovin me some Steens an' some heavy cream on some biscuits. DAY-um dat's good!


Man, we went to Mike Andersons when we went to Baton Rouge last year (about this time too) and my buddy Sean asked for eggs. Just hardboiled eggs. Gave the waiter a helluva time about it too. Went on for five minutes.
Needless to say, we tipped good. Poor guy deserved it.


Just out of curiosity, why would one go to Mike Anderson's and order hard boiled eggs? Allergic to seafood?


The local grocery's bakery department used to make "bear claw" - a tasty breakfast danish with fruit and "claws" of dough over the fruit.

My Brother Dear was with us and I asked if my mom wanted some Bear Claws. My brother wouldn't eat them for the LONGEST time. Crazy kid.

When we were but wee kids, my dad would get a dozen doughnuts. I think mom, brother and I each got one doughnuts each. Then once we learnt to count...12 divided by 4 = 3 each. It was a dark dark day for daddy-kins.


No. To harass the waiter. Nothing more.
Sean has a tendency to make the most out of a boring trip to a restaurant.


No. To harass the waiter. Nothing more.

Sheesh, the guy writes himself a blog and he thinks he's Ernest Frikken Hemingway.



So? Mrs. Noggin thinks I'm Edgar Frikken Allen Poe.

She always says, "I shoulda married a rich man, but I married po'!"


Peas and mashies are the BEST mixed together!!!

My favorite "odd stares" combo is McD's french fries dipped into their soft serve ice cream. Love that combo of hot and salty/cold and sweet. You gotta try it some time!!!


McDs fries are great in honey too.


French fries and mustard - like in "Sling Blade"


I like the way you tawlk.

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