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Saturday, June 25, 2005



"...howling on the Left about restricting freedom of speech."

It's not just the left. I'm howling too.

Flag burning offends me and makes me extremely angry, but I'd still fight and die to protect their right to do it. Freedom of speech is great; freedom of speech that doesn't anger or offend anyone- that's not really freedom at all.

I'm not really a fan of slippery slope arguments, but one may be appropriate here. I'd caution the people who support this ammendment to be reeeeeeeeal dang careful what they wish for.


Buttflakes is most likely the funniest thing I've read lately.


The most difficult things to protect, and likewise make the easiest targets are symbols and traditions.

If you wish to hold onto valued traditions, you are considered closedminded in the face of progressive thinkers.

If you wish to protect symbols, you are considered to be just plain stupid.

I believe that traditions and symbols make the country great, especially when one considers how young our experimental country is.

Our greatest "tradition" is that we honor the constitution. I believe that you have the right to desecrate our most valuable symbols and traditions as a matter of free speech. I also believe that I have the right to make a character assessment on those who do such things. Perhaps it is because I'm a military veteran that I hold on to these traditions so tightly. I think it is also because I was willing to go fight for them that I am willing to let others do what they will with them.

After all, the oath I swore at my enlistment bound me to "support and defend the constitution". When the bullets start flying, perhaps I'll save a flag-burner's butt. More likely that I won't. The constitution, I'll defend to the end of my days.


I Googled "buttflakes" because I don't feel like working.


Term limits for every office. I think our forefathers would be aghast to see what we've done with their perfect plan. Sad.

Flag burning pisses me off. I think their punishment should be to live the rest of their lives in a third world country.


What, no memorial to Piglet?


"I think our forefathers would be aghast to see what we've done with their perfect plan"

Which part of their plan was more perfect: slavery, or only allowing rich, white, land-owning men to vote?

Flag burning pisses me off.

Pisses me off too. Lots of things piss me off. I don't want to amend the Constitution to prohibit them.


A lot can be said in favor of only land-owners voting. But first, let us ammend the Constitution to keep people like dave from expressing bone-headed opinions.


A lot can be said in favor of only land-owners voting.

And you want to limit MY boneheaded opinions???


I could be in favor of landowner voting restrictions on property tax elections. What right does some schmuck who pays no property tax have in voting a tax on me?

Also, if your house falls below the homestead exemption the same principle applies. This is how you run a tax base out of town.

Who wouldn't vote for a new tax that bears no personal burdon? Let the other guy pay, right?


Yes, in those limited instances you probably have a point.


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