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Wednesday, August 31, 2005



I said a quiet prayer for you and your family; I was a bit worried there for a while.

I went in to the hardest hit areas of Houston after Alison on a volunteer crew and it was utter obliteration. Katrina was five times more powerful.

I'm glad you and yours are safe.


glad to hear you guys are ok.


Thank you for letting us know you are okay. I checked by your blog earlier today and worried when I saw you hadn't updated since the evacuation. I'm glad you and your family are all okay.


Kevin and I are happy to hear that y'all are safe and that you have power. The devastation is hard to believe, and it breaks our hearts to see a city that we love so much fall victim to such a tremendous tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Kevin Donahue

To be honest, nothing about this hurricane hit home for me until today. The fact that you, Dave, & the whole LA crew pulled through OK was a big relief. And then this afternoon we found out that we have 400 employees and their families that are without homes. They showed up on buses today in Dallas with...well, nothing at all. No luggage, no clothes, no toothbrushes. Nothing. I'm a couple hundred lighter in the wallet from buying underwear, shorts, t-shirts, and socks, as are many of my co-workers.

So many are left with nothing, through no fault of their own. As you might surmise, these co-workers from LA volunteered to stay through the storm, trying to make others comfortable. So, there's a fair degree of guilt going around. When someone hugs you because you brought them underwear, well...that kinda changes your whole day.


It's been quite a while since y'all heard anything from Ol'Bob... But, I’ve been out here, lurking in the shadows of WEB, watching over all the goings on since we moved to Florida from Connecticut (up in the “Middle East.”) So, I figured this was as good a time to come up for air and tell you’ns that I’m thanking the Good Lord that all y'all appear to be fairing up OK after "the blow".
I know from personal experience, after we went through Frances and Jeanne last year, that there are still rough times for lots of folks in the months (and, for some, the years) ahead.
My thoughts and prayers are with you Schmed, your DSW, along with all the schmedletts too! And Dave, Kay, Jake and especially the latest edition of the Bushtit king…, er, I mean queendom…
Just know that because I’ve missed some of the crew’s names, my thoughts and heart felt wishes are with all of y’all and I’m truly relieved to know you’ve come through this adversity, somewhat unscathed. Bless you all!
Regards, Ol’Bob


I've been checking back each day to see if there's any news from you - glad you and yours are safe.

It is overwhelming the damage, lives lost, and now the shameful looting, etc.


schmed!go glad that you escaped the worst of it. please keep your friends up to speed on how you are making out in the aftermath of the flooding.


Internet's been mostly down with occasional uppages, so if you don't see any updates it's that or that we're doing other things.


You should have a lot of free time since your place of employ is an island in the CBD.


CC, don't be an ass, that's my job.


Oh, don't y'all worry 'bout me not having anything to do. I've found a little cubbyhole here in town to tend my kettle of fish, and I can tell you it's full to overflowing.

And rest assured that Saltmines R Us will be among the first to return to the Emeril City™, so the trek of schmed will continue.


Well, at least you can enjoy the shorter commute.

Now, now Mr. Pone, you've no corner on the ass market.

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