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Monday, April 10, 2006



The Cross of Iron.

It has scenes of some intensity.

Saving Private Ryan may be the single-sitting champion for emotional overload, but.....

Band of Brothers brings me to tears every episode, and to a blubbering mess of snot and saltwater in the last installment.


What about Run Silent, Run Deep? It has Clark Gable AND Don Rickles! DON RICKLES!


Your "chick flick" list is really a "flicks with chicks" list. Hot nurses, French schoolmarms and Jayne Mansfeild - Pul-eeze! A real WW II chick flick is "The Best Years of Our Lives".

Hot nurses. Hmmmpf.


Good point.

And add Since You Went Away to that list.


They's sum uther gooder war moobies dat ain't bout dubba dubba too. Don't know about silly 'historical accuracy' business - I never let accuracy get in the way of a good story.

"Paths of Glory"
"The Lost Battalion"
"The Blue Max"
"We Were Soldiers" (pretty good, but the book kicked ass)
"The Siege of Firebase Gloria" R. Lee Ermey fans will love this one

All the cool James Cagney war flicks.

Even some un-American warz -


And the worst war movie ever made? "Pearl Harbor"


I lived at 3125 E. Ocean Blvd where scenes were filmed from, "Run Silent Run Deep." Our family moved there in 1968. The house has a new face lift but you should check out the home. We never knew our home was in a movie....we actually had a stranger knock on our door and tell us. I played in the tree to the right of the house that Clark Gable sat in. Unusual house, even had a shower in the hallway. It was built around 1911 and it was haunted, it creeped all of us out. We were glad to finally move.

newbury park office space

i loved Band of brohters with the office space gy i have emarked it as one of my favourite of all time "The heroes have crosses above their heads, the ones that are buried in the cemeteries. Those are the true heroes, not us. We're just part of the works, that's all. And we thank God we got back alive." i love that quote.

Great post,


Many of them are great movies, in the first post, but unfortunately a lot of them are "plagued" by the exagerated american way of seeing the war... too much propaganda. How about seeing things from other perspectives? "Das Boot" , the best movie about u-boats ever made. Find it , it's a true masterpiece.



I'm looking for the title of an old WW II movie that took place in the Philippines. It involved orphans and a long bus ride as they tried to escape from the japnese to meet a plane to take them to safety. I'm preety sure the title had something to do with "100 Miles" or something like that. It's been driving me crazy trying to remember the title of the movie.

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